Valeda MVP Program

Due to popular demand we are launching an MVP development program! We’ve decided it’s time to invest in the startup community and help our fellow entrepreneurs that may not have the resources readily available to take the first step to build their business on the web or mobile.

For a combination of cash and equity the Valeda team will now develop your company’s MVP. This organic evolution of the Valeda business model allows us to invest in promising companies and products while helping you keep startup costs low and us invested in your company’s long-term success.

Our MVPs are built to scale far into the future of your product. We are not in the business of building fast and dirty prototypes, instead we offer you a solid starting point from which your development team can build out subsequent updates and improvements. We always produce well-documented, extensible code you will be happy to use as your foundation.

We Will Help You:

  • Define a scope and identify the most appropriate features for your MVP.
  • Develop wireframes to help you visualise your project (at an additional cost if wireframes come prior to a full commitment).
  • Understand your MVP and how to scale it into the future.

We Will Not Help You To:

  • Raise funding.
  • Market your business (unless you choose to work with us as a regular client at our full rate after the MVP).

How much does it cost?

We charge a mixture of equity and cash. This allows us to maintain an ongoing interest in the project’s success while also keeping the cost of the MVP down. Our MVP rate is  roughly around 20 GBP per hour and we will typically work 60 hours per week of work for 6-12 weeks. This includes a mixture of developer, designer and product/project management time. On average you can expect to spend around 7000 GBP plus 5% equity.


We’re not trying to gouge you

I know of some clients who have been scared to reveal their budget because they’re afraid that becomes the price. I assure you, that’s not the case, we are not Scrooge McDuck. If all you need is an £6000 website, we’re not going to quote you £10000 just because that’s your budget. What we will do is quote you £6000 for the website, because that’s what it’s valued at. Then we’ll look at how we can provide you with extra value for the remaining budget you do have, which takes me to my next point.

You deserve the best

Our favourite projects are the ones where we know we can deliver what the client is asking for well under their budget, because these are the ones where we get to be the most creative. If we know we can meet your requests, and have £4000 of your budget left over we will start coming up with other ideas to give you the best possible result.

Perhaps you need help with your mobile apps or any of our other services we offer. If we feel there is something we can provide that will help your business, we’ll offer it to you. And in the end if all you want is the £6000 website, then that’s completely up to you. There is no need to agree to every idea we have.

It’s not you, it’s me

Quite often we have clients come in who aren’t at all sure what a website would cost. And why would they? With businesses like GoDaddy offering websites for £1.00/month to major brands spending millions of dollars on their online presence, websites prices really do range from one to a million. And just like Nike wouldn’t use GoDaddy’s Website Builder for their site, a new startup isn’t going to hire BBDO to build theirs.

Depending on your needs, the level of quality you want, and the level of customer service, you can really spend as much or as little as you want on a website. Through years of experience we’ve fine-tuned our process and have discovered what it costs us to create websites to the standard we hold ourselves to. By asking for your budget we’re simply trying to figure out if we’re the right fit for each other.

If you went into a Ferrari dealership with a budget of £3000 for a car, they would probably laugh you out of the building. Fortunately for you we’re a lot kinder. We’ll simply tell you we’re unable to meet your needs, and we’ll even help you find someone who can. It’s like going on a not-so-great date only to have them set you up with the person of your dreams.

Let’s face it, the world runs on money.

Whenever you enter into a business relationship with someone, money is eventually going to be discussed. So why not get that discussion out of the way right off the bat? The elephant in the room will be gone and you can start discussing the project with transparency so you can maximise the value for your buck, and determine if you are the right fit.

So let’s try and have the dreaded budget conversation before any time gets spent on a project that never gets off the ground. Because we all know the only thing more valuable than money is time.